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In Home Fresh 48 Newborn Session Prep Guide

The best time for Fresh 48 sessions are during daylight hours, usually in the morning (starting your session between 9am - 3pm (time of the year dependent). I will do my best to work with whatever time works for you.


Feeding right before ensures baby has a full belly and will hopefully be more cooperative. If you would like any nursing/feeding pictures, we absolutely can do this at the beginning of the session…in that case you can wait until I arrive.

What to wear?

This is up to you! If in a hospital, you can just stay in the hospital gown, or bring your own robe or outfit! Stick to something comfortable and flowy for more comfort. 


Send me your inspo pics!

Providing me with a list of some shots you’d like to get definitely helps too! While you probably provided some on your Fresh 48 questionnaire, you can always email/message me other ideas as well.

Warm it up: 

It's super important that your baby feel all toasty. If they are cold they will wake up!


Declutter the areas where you'd like the shoot to take place, my favorite spots are the baby's nursery, parents room, and living room. Please have all the blinds pulled up for me.



I will definitely be toting a blanket, bull or box, headbands, etc, but typically less is more with lifestyle sessions. Let me know if you have an heirloom you like to incorporate into the shoot and I can make sure to bring it! I try not to bring much to keep it real life and make the best use of the shorter time.



I love that newborn stage where no one has much to do other than staring at that perfect human you created. It's best not to make plans after your session so that we have a little cushion if I have to stay a few minutes later than planned! I'd say plan for me to be there for an hour and a half.

What happens if my baby is in the NICU?

We can do a NICU Fresh 48 if hospital visitor policies allow or we can switch to an in-home session newborn session or welcome home when everyone is at home!


When choosing family outfits, choose solid colors and don't make everyone match. It's important that the images focus on the start of the shoot (the baby) and the connection between everyone. 

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