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It is extremely important that you prepare to get that great final image. We compiled a list of things you can do to get the perfect headshot you deserve. 

One week prior to your headshot session:

Avoid Scheduling Conflicts

Be sure not to have any scheduling conflicts during your session.

Getting your hair done?

If getting your hair done, you should have a same-day appointment.

Your outfit

The main reason people need to have headshots done again is that they brought the wrong clothing to the first session. Maybe they realized they didn’t actually like the eyeglasses they wore, or perhaps the client wore a very busy or too bright top that doesn’t look as great for a close up headshot. If you’re taking headshot for your company's website, check with your employer on the proper dress code. You cannot go wrong with keeping these things in mind ahead of the session. Feel free to email us with your clothing ideas if you need assistance.

Don't dress too casual! Wear something that is considered appropriate in the workplace for your industry.  For example, if you are expected to dress in a more formal way at work, you may want to stay true to the dress code, and perhaps take it up a notch without appearing like you are trying too hard. Suits and trousers in darker colors contribute to more favorable hiring outcomes for leadership and management positions. When in doubt, look to one of the company leaders that you respect. The way your superiors dress is a good indicator of what’s appropriate for your headshot.

Avoid extravagant or visibly loud jewelry, colors, or patterns.  Bear in mind that this is a headshot, therefore it will be a close up of your face, neck, and chest area. Remember: simple colors and subtle patterns.

Do not wear glasses with blue light reflectors or “transition lenses”.

Don't be a floating head! Be sure your outfit color stands in contrast to your backdrop color. When choosing colors, ensure they're much darker or lighter than your skin tone.


Gentlemen, unless you want to go for a casual look, avoid exposing your undershirt underneath an open collar. If  you’re not wearing a tie, make sure your collar is stiff and not floppy, which will result in a headshot that looks sloppy.

Ladies, be sure you have a higher neckline, keeping in mind that this is a close up of your neck and face.


Be well rested

You want to avoid darker circles under your eyes, therefore prioritizing sleep the night before your shoot is strongly recommended.

Communicate your preferences

Communicate your preferences

Do you have a favorite headshot you took in the past? Was it taken at a specific angle? Do you have a favorite side of your face? All of this information is extremely helpful for us to ensure your headshot is everything you want it to be and more.

On the day of your session:

Trim your facial hair

Be sure to trim your beard or shave if you have facial hair. Be mindful of razor bumps, so don't do it right before your shoot!

Be sure to trim your beard or shave if you have facial hair. Be mindful of razor bumps, so don't do it right before your shoot!

Check hair for flyaways

Remember, it is a close up of your face. Minutes before your shoot, be sure to pat down any flyaways by using water. You can bring hair product to the session to help with this. 

Look out for oily skin

Oily or overly shiny skin does not give a flattering, refreshed look. If not wearing makeup, be sure to wash your face shortly before your shoot to avoid portions of your skin that reflect too much light.

Clean your glasses

Also, glasses that have “transition lenses” will look like sunglasses in your photo. Try to have glare resistant glasses, or lighting will interfere with the quality of your image.

Preparing for your Headshot Session

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